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(Surface Mount Technology)

The SMT department has a total productivity of 40,000 components per hour and consists of:

Screen printing equipped with loading/unloading for automation of the process

No. 2 identical SMD lines for maximum flexibility made up of:

  • 6-headed pick and place for 20,000 components/hour

  • Reflow oven with 16 zones

AOI control (Automatic Object Inspection) on the whole production:

  • Presence/absence control

  • Values and wording control

  • Welding joint control

(Through-Hole Technology)

The products are assembled on semi-automatic lines that allows the simultaneous assembly of different types of boards.

The THT department is composed of:

Double wave welding machine with IR and hot air heaters Automated line cart movement.


All products manufactured are RoHS compliant

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